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Do you know the working principle of bulletproof helmets?

DATE: May 19th, 2023
Bulletproof helmet is a protective gear designed specifically for military personnel, special police, fire rescue and other personnel engaged in high-risk occupations. It can be in an accident or combat, the wearer's head protection, reduce the power of external impact and penetration, so as to avoid or reduce the possibility of head injury. So what is the working principle of bulletproof helmets?

Bulletproof helmets mainly use the physical properties of the material to achieve the effect of protection. The main materials used in bulletproof helmets on the market today are fiberglass, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, ceramic, metal and many others, the most common of which are aramid fiber and ceramic.

Aramid fiber is a polymer material developed in recent years, its molecular chain structure is very tight, has a very high strength and toughness. In bulletproof helmets, aramid fibers are made into multiple layers of weave or cover so that the head can be protected in all aspects. When external objects hit the helmet, the molecular chains of aramid fibers will be tightly connected in an instant, forming a strong protective shell, thus effectively blocking the impact of the outside world on the head.

Ceramic is another common material, which has a high degree of hardness and wear resistance. In the production of bulletproof helmets, ceramic is generally used to make the shell or lining of the helmet. When the helmet is impacted, the ceramic on the shell can quickly absorb the energy, thus avoiding the penetration of external objects into the head area. The ceramic on the liner can play a cushioning role to reduce the impact on the head.

In addition to the above two materials, bulletproof helmets may also use other materials for enhancement, such as metal sheets, fiberglass, etc.. The role of these materials is mainly in the helmet surface to form a protective film to enhance the protective effect of the helmet.

In general, bulletproof helmets work by using the physical properties of a variety of bulletproof materials to provide all-round protection for the head. In an accident or battle, the external objects hit the helmet, ballistic materials will be closely connected in an instant, forming a strong protective shell, thus playing a role in protecting the head from injury.