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How to choose breathable tactical gears?

DATE: May 17th, 2023
Outdoor activities are a way of life that many people love. Whether pursuing natural scenery, exercising, or challenging personal limits, you need to choose suitable outdoor clothing to ensure safety and comfort. Among them, breathable clothing is particularly important, this article will explain how to choose breathable outdoor clothing from the material, design and application of three aspects respectively.

First, the choice of breathable outdoor clothing requires attention to the choice of materials. Common breathable materials are high-tech microfiber, bamboo charcoal fabric, three-layer composite materials. Among them, high-tech microfiber with a tiny fiber diameter and large surface area, increasing the air contact area and ventilation performance, improving the breathability of clothing; bamboo charcoal fabric is made of bamboo charcoal particles injected into the fiber, with moisture absorption and perspiration, antibacterial and deodorant effect, while increasing air circulation; and three-layer composite material through polyurethane film and coating technology to achieve the effect of waterproof and breathable inside and outside.

Secondly, in the design, the ventilation part of the clothing, is also an important factor affecting the breathability. For example, a hiking jacket with multiple vents, facecloth pockets, and air window openings will be more breathable than a simple waterproof jacket. Likewise, when choosing footwear, you need to pay attention to the breathability of the shoe material and whether the toe is designed with vents to ensure that the feet are not stuffy.

Finally, in terms of application, both washing and wearing will affect the breathability of the garment. Usually, outdoor clothing is prone to dirt and sweat stains in use, and these can impede air circulation and thus reduce breathability. Therefore, we need to wash and maintain clothes frequently to ensure that they always maintain good breathability. In addition, breathable clothing does not mean that its thermal protection function is not good, so you also need to combine their activity intensity, ambient temperature and other factors to choose the right clothing with.

In summary, how to choose breathable clothing needs to consider the material, design and application, but also need to combine their own actual situation to choose. Before buying, we can understand the breathable performance and quality of different materials and brands, and gradually figure out a suitable way to wear them in actual use, so as to ensure the safety and comfort of outdoor activities.