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How Much Do You Know The Advantage,Applications And Calssification of Stabproof Vest?

DATE: Jan 26th, 2024

Anti-stabbing clothing is a kind of clothing designed to protect the vital organs of the human body from injury by bayonets, daggers and other sharp instruments. As one of the individual protection materials, it is not only used in the field of military and police security departments, such as equipping public security law enforcement officers such as patrol officers and prison guards, but also has a common application and strong development potential in the civil field, such as the protection of the staff in the construction, decoration, etc., the protection of the fencing athlete's sports, the safety protection of the cab driver and the protection of the motorcycle racer and so on.

With ultra-high-strength fiber fabric made of cut-resistant clothing with anti-knife cut, anti-knife, anti-knife, anti-stabbing, abrasion-resistant, anti-sharp object scratch and anti-theft function, also known as anti-knife clothing, anti-blade clothing. In case of wear and tear or with sharp knives, sharp edges, sharp objects cut, cut, chop, scrape, scuff, scratch can protect the wearer from cuts, scratches, scuffs, cuts.

1. Anti-cut: The special weaving structure and the excellent performance of ultra-high-strength fibers make this garment have the function of anti-cut.
2. Anti-knife: ultra-high-strength fiber high-density weaving, using a special process to form a soft force group, can prevent cuts.
3. Anti-stabbing: anti-stabbing ability is more than 500 Newton.
4. Anti-theft: the blade can't cut through the anti-cut layer, and the items in the pockets inside the clothes can be prevented from theft.
5. high strength: double stitching with ultra-high-strength fiber thread to ensure that the seams are cut-resistant level, not easy to damage, not easy to rip
6. large area: 0.7 to 1.2 square meters, the protective area is larger than the protective area of 4 pieces of soft anti-stabbing suit, anti-stabbing undershirt, anti-stabbing clothes
7. light weight: 0.65 kg, excellent mobility
8. thin thickness: does not affect the flexibility of the body, wear the jacket as normal clothing, strong concealment


The series of cut-proof clothing includes police knife-proof clothing, police blade-proof undershirt, student blade-proof clothing, children's knife-proof clothing, blade-proof jacket, cut-proof wind and rain coat, etc. And it can be made into tops, outerwear, sweatshirts, windbreakers, underwear, undershirts, undershirts, children's clothing, school uniforms, raincoats, shorts, jackets, T-shirts and other forms, and it can also be customized according to the requirements of customers to make special garments.


  • Hard anti-stabbing clothing: By the metal material sheet armor shaped individual units through the arrangement and combination of the composition of the protective plate, the protective plate is wrapped with a layer of soft fabrics outside. It has excellent anti-stabbing performance, strong rigidity, and can effectively resist the puncture energy of 24J. However, its weight is large, inconvenient to wear, poor comfort, no good moisture permeability.

  • Soft anti-stabbing clothing: Used to resist the attack of daggers and other common sharp weapons on the human body. Bulletproof insert can be added. The soft stab-proof clothing, also known as stab-proof undershirt or stab-proof clothing, made of stab-proof material blended with ultra-high-strength and ultra-high-density polyethylene short-cut yarn and aramid short-cut yarn, can effectively block the stabbing, slashing and hacking attacks of knives, daggers and other cold weapons, and comprehensively protect the human body torso and internal organs from injury. The material selected for this garment has excellent properties such as high breaking strength and high modulus of elasticity.

  • Semi-flexible stab-proof clothing: Blocking daggers, three-pronged scraper, general explosive fragments invasion. Now for the public security department a large number of equipment, this anti-stab undershirt is semi-flexible, is made of a variety of new materials according to a special composite new technology, it not only has the function of anti-stabbing, but also can effectively block the general explosive substances and the invasion of broken fragments, and at the same time both waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, UV protection and other functions, overcoming the weaknesses of the foreign full-soft anti-stab undershirt does not protect against UV rays, is the most suitable for the protection of civil aviation, the court police, the financial networks, security, public security and fire protection personnel, enterprises, the protection of the public security and fire safety personnel, the protection of the public security and fire safety personnel. It is most suitable for civil aviation security, court police, financial outlets, public security firefighters, enterprise cashiers and special staff equipment. The stab-proof undershirt is light in weight (about 0.8kg), no matter its performance or its price, it is the leading level in China at present, and fills the blank in China.
  • Liquid stab-proof clothing: In addition to the above through the development of high-performance fibers, fabric structure design and coating finishing to improve the anti-stabbing performance of the material, in recent years, shear thickening liquid (STF) used in anti-stabbing materials to enhance the performance of the research has become a popular research direction.STF is a class of hard nanoparticles and dispersing media composed of solid-liquid mixtures, such as SiO2 nanoparticles dispersed in the solvent of polyethylene glycol. With the increase of stirring shear rate, the viscosity increases and reaches a certain degree and even exhibits the nature of a solid.In 2013, China successfully developed a liquid bulletproof material, becoming the third country in the world to develop such a material. It was found that the softness and thickness of the STF-treated fabric material were not affected while the protective properties were improved. With further research, STF is expected to play a great role in the field of stab-proof materials.