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How to solve the bulletproof and stab-proof all-in-one protection?

DATE: Jan 26th, 2024
Bulletproof undershirt, also known as bulletproof undershirt, bulletproof undershirt, bulletproof undershirt, bulletproof clothing, single body armor, etc., is used to protect the bullet or shrapnel damage to the human body. Bulletproof vests are mainly composed of two parts: the jacket and the bulletproof layer. The jacket is often made of chemical fiber fabrics. Bulletproof layer is made of metal (special steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy), ceramic sheet (corundum, boron carbide, silicon carbide, alumina), glass fiber reinforced plastic, nylon (PA), Kevlar (KEVLAR), ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers, liquid protective materials, and other materials, constituting a single or composite protective structure. Bulletproof layer can absorb the kinetic energy of the bullet or shrapnel, low velocity bullet or shrapnel have obvious protective effect, in the control of a certain depression can reduce the damage to the human chest and abdomen.

Anti-stabbing clothing is also known as anti-knife clothing, anti-blade clothing or anti-blade clothing, with anti-knife cuts, anti-knife cuts, anti-knife stabbing, anti-scratch with angular objects, wear-resistant, anti-theft and other functions. Wearing knife-proof clothing in the event of wear and tear or with a sharp knife (sharp edges, sharp objects, etc.) cut, cut, cut, scrape, scuff, scratch can protect the wearer from cuts, scratches, scuffs, cuts.

From the above about bulletproof vests and stab-proof clothing related features, application areas of the introduction, we can know, bulletproof vests, stab-proof clothing, although belonging to the category of protective equipment, seemingly very similar, but they are for different areas, to deal with different situations and research out of the equipment. For the attention of the police equipment, or police equipment is more interested in people have a question, why bulletproof vests can bulletproof, but can not prevent stabbing anti-slash; and bulletproof vests can prevent the knife cut, sword stabbing why can not prevent the bullet? Bulletproof vests can not bulletproof and anti-stabbing anti-slashing?

The answer is yes, that is, bulletproof vests can be bulletproof and anti-stabbing, which is only in recent years there are new equipment "bulletproof stab-proof clothing" also called bulletproof stab-proof undershirt.

Here I'll give you an answer to the previous questions why a single bulletproof vest can only bulletproof can not prevent stabbing, the specific problem has to start from the following aspects:

1 Function

Bulletproof undershirt and stab-proof undershirt is the main difference between the function of the protection object is different, the former is mainly used for the protection of firearms and ammunition, while the latter is mainly used for the protection of knives and sharp-edged instruments. Bulletproof undershirt and stab-proof undershirt protection object is different, so its design principles and structures used are different, so the two can not be mixed.

2 Material

Ordinary bulletproof vest is Kevlar material compiled, when the bullet hit the vest, the toughness of the Kevlar fiber will be the kinetic energy of the bullet to the entire vest, so you can achieve the effect of bulletproof. That is to say, the principle of bulletproof vest is actually the impact of the kinetic energy of the warhead is shared to each Kevlar fiber, so after a shot bulletproof vest on the whole scrap. But the knife is generated by the shear stress, the direction of the force perpendicular to the fiber material, and the tip of the energy density is much higher than the slug, people who have studied the material know that the fiber material for the perpendicular direction of the resistance of the shear stress is the poorest, or even say that there is no effect, so for the knife, bulletproof vests have to hope and sigh.

3 Preparation method

Because the impact of high-speed gunfire on body armor and sharpshooter chopping and impact mechanism is not the same, the former energy dispersion is mainly through the deformation of the bullet, fiber fracture and shock wave propagation will be dispersed or consumed, while the knife on the puncture of the body armor mainly rely on the principle of shear, the range of energy dispersal is relatively narrow, especially the head of the more pointed bayonet more difficult to prevent. So the bulletproof vest is a high-strength fibers in accordance with specific rules for the preparation of multi-layer superimposed, stab-proof clothing is a fiber, mixed steel wire superimposed.

Understand the above 3 points, it is not difficult to understand why a single bulletproof vest and stab-proof clothing can only be targeted to use, there are online users say, since they want to bulletproof and anti-stabbing, then simply get a piece of the same, are worn on the body, so that it does not achieve the effect of bulletproof and anti-stabbing? Determine that this can indeed be bulletproof and anti-stabbing, but the wearer can be hard, a bulletproof vest does not say that the weight of 4-5KG, a single piece of wear on the body of human activity will be affected, plus a stab-proof clothing, it really said that the protection is in place, the activities of the restricted, wear less than 1 hour, you can not stand to be taken off. To this end, bulletproof stab-proof clothing is a good solution to this problem, a piece of clothing to get it all done.

Bulletproof stab-proof clothing is mainly divided into two kinds, one is: bulletproof Kevlar layer + bulletproof metal sheet; another is: bulletproof Kevlar layer + stab-proof felt or impregnated film known as soft bulletproof stab-proof clothing. Soft bulletproof stab-proof undershirts with bulletproof capability of woven fabric or weftless fabric after impregnation treatment, the overall material becomes stiff, hard texture, can be both anti-stabbing function, and the combination of non-treated bulletproof performance of the woven fabric or weftless fabric can achieve a good dual-anti-bulletproof effect, and at the same time reduces the thickness and improves the comfort of wearing.

Soft ballistic stab-proof vest is a good choice, lightweight and also combines both ballistic and stab-proof features.

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Level 3 bulletproof, level 2 stabproof performance meets and exceeds the "GA68-2008" and "GA141-2010" industry standards. The product adopts environmentally friendly special aramid raw materials, currently the world's similar products are lighter, softer, more comfortable just 2.9kg, far better than the standard weight of 3.5kg, can be folded 180 ° at will. High temperature resistance, anti-aging, flood resistance, soft and lightweight, comfortable and close to the body, and has a high degree of flame retardancy and stability.

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