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Pakistan Textile Industry Association seeks to withdraw restrictions on cotton imports

DATE: Mar 30th, 2018
Aamir Fayyaz, chairman of the Pakistan Textile Industry Association (APTMA), recently urged the government to withdraw the restrictions on imported cotton’s tariffs of 4% and sales tax of 5%, so that the country’s textile industry can meet the demands of international buyers. Textile requirements.

He said that despite the relevant commitments made by the Prime Minister’s export package, the aforementioned restrictions were strongly added.

Pakistani media reported that non-tariff measures for cotton imported from India and Brazil should continue because the industry is in great need of export textiles produced from pollution-free medium-long staple cotton.

So far, the country’s textile industry has only purchased about half of the cotton demand. Due to quality reasons, it has been forced to purchase quality cotton from abroad to meet its demand.

Amir Fayazi added that if such restrictions are continued, it will cause damage to the Pakistani textile value chain.