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How Much Do You Know About Tactical Backpacks?

DATE: Feb 9th, 2023

How much do you know about tactical backpacks?

A good tactical backpack is like a good horse, which can lead you to the place of your dreams. The reason why the tactical backpack is named tactical is mainly because it comes from the battlefield, which can meet the convenience of using in high tension on the battlefield or when performing Many civilian versions have appeared, which are suitable for daily travel. Many tactical features are still retained. While bringing excellent carrying experience, it has also given But have you really learned about tactical backpacks? Do you know the difference between a tactical backpack and a travel backpack? What is the material of the tactical backpack?


What is a tactical backpack?

The main purpose is to patrol and attack the backpack, which is the same type of backpack as the commonly used 3D backpack. The capacity is about 30 liters. This bag is different from other backpacks in terms of function and details and has many unique features.

The shape of the entire backpack is very streamlined and cleaner.

The carrying system of the backpack has undergone considerable changes. The stress point of the carrying system has changed from the thickest part of the entire strap to the webbing on the front of the strap and the top of the front of the backpack. The increased stress position on the front helps balance the center of gravity of the entire bag, and increases the comfort when carrying it.

The shape of the straps is fully ergonomically designed, and the curved line design is made according to the position of the neck, shoulders and armpits.

The inner side of the shoulder strap is designed with mesh material to enhance ventilation performance, and the inner side is lined with a soft rubber pad wrapped in nylon cloth, which not only improves comfort, but also maintains an upright appearance.

The back of the backpack is also made of mesh material to enhance ventilation and comfort. At the same time, there is a ventilation channel formed by three raised soft rubber pads on the back for ventilation, which is more conducive to ventilation and perspiration.

A water bag compartment is designed on the back of the backpack for storing water bags. It can also accommodate a 14-inch widescreen notebook. It is very convenient and flexible to use.

On the front of the backpack, one of the biggest features is that there is an extra butt pocket, which can be used to carry a tripod or other items at ordinary times

The belt part of the backpack adopts an independent waist seal design, which can be detached flexibly, which is convenient for users to use under various conditions.

Because the military backpacks of each country have made a lot of personalized designs based on the specific characteristics of the country, the improved tactical backpacks are also different. However, the same tactical backpacks have different brands and different models. Between them, there will inevitably be many things in common, at least in terms of tactics, this has already been determined.


What is the difference between a tactical backpack and an outdoor backpack?

  1. The first is the material aspect. Due to the harsh environment of tactical backpacks, high requirements are placed on the wear resistance of materials. Therefore, the material of military-standard tactical bags is generally high-grade wear-resistant nylon, and DuPont 1000D is more common. Standard nylon, especially in the United States, is widely used. The specifications for civilian use are slightly lower, but they generally have 600D, and their wear resistance is far beyond the needs of daily use. Outdoor backpacks do not have such high requirements for materials.
  3. Followed by the color. The outdoor bag is very conspicuous, in order to quickly lock the position outdoors, increasing safety and convenience.Tactical bags are basically army green, black, and gray. Except for military necessity (concealment), the most important thing is to be dirt-resistant! It doesn't look dirty even if you throw it on the ground.
  5. Then there is the difference in the carrying system. The most important carrying system of outdoor bags will be simplified or even discarded on the tactical bag side. One is that there is no need to design small tactical bags, and the other is that large tactical bags are often transported by military vehicles. In fact, the tactical backpack (small) is actually more used for daily commuting or short trips.

How about the material of the tactical backpack?

Tactical backpacks are the same as most outdoor bags, and the fabrics are basically Oxford cloth, nylon, and canvas; however, outdoor backpacks pursue light weight, and tactical backpacks focus more on wear resistance.


Excellent wear resistance also means that the fabric is denser, which also makes tactical backpacks tend to be heavier. After all, light weight and wear resistance cannot be achieved at the same time.
For example, DuPont's CORDURA is the most common fabric for tactical backpacks. Its wear resistance is twice that of ordinary nylon, three times that of polyester, and 10 times that of cotton canvas...


What is the special design of the tactical backpack?

The mounting system and modularity are the most distinctive parts of the tactical backpack.
The external MOLLE system can mount various EDC gadgets or small external bags. A tactical backpack can increase the capacity by at least 50% by relying on the MOLLE system, which is equivalent to buying two packs for the price of one pack.


Modularity is reflected in the fact that the tactical bag has a variety of well-organized storage areas. In addition to the standard computer main bag, the tactical bag is designed with multiple compartments from the inside to the outside, allowing you to divide your equipment scientifically and take it out quickly and easily.


How to choose a tactical backpack?

The versatility of the tactical backpack makes it one of the essential tools for outdoor adventures.Tactical backpacks are very durable, have a lot of capacity, and have many special features.Unlike normal packs, tactical packs are great as a trail pack or long-distance hiking pack


At present, there are many types of tactical backpacks on the market, including camouflage style and military style. When choosing a tactical bag, the important thing is not the brand, but the quality and use effect of the bag.Here's how to choose a tactical backpack for you.


Do you need a camouflage bag? Looks don't seem to be that important in tactical backpacks.


But in fact, for some uses, the look is very much a concern. A good camouflage tactical kit can make a big difference sometimes. In sports like hunting, hiking, military drills, paintball, and airsoft, a regular backpack can be a sight to behold.


The camouflage pack is different, it will blend into the environment. Therefore, when choosing a tactical bag, consider whether you need a camouflage design in advance. If you often use tactical bags in densely wooded environments, consider a camouflage bag.


2. Capacity

Will the tactical bag hold all your essentials?

It doesn't matter whether your bag is a tactical pannier or a large 70 liter backpack. The important thing is how to pack reasonably and use the memory of the package efficiently.


Luckily, most high-quality tactical backpacks have lots of internal compartments that allow you to break things down for you. When choosing a backpack, you need to determine whether it can accommodate all the things you need to carry.


If the purpose of the tactical bag has been determined, the capacity of the backpack can be calculated in advance. If it is not clear what the tactical bag will be used for, you can directly buy a large-capacity backpack. This avoids running out of capacity, and the remaining space can come in handy someday in the future.


3. Weight

Tactical bags must be made of light and strong materials. Weight is a factor that must be considered when choosing a tactical bag, because the tactical bag requires you to carry it for a long time. It is necessary to choose a lightweight tactical backpack


Tactical backpacks carry a lot of equipment, and the equipment is heavy. Carrying so much equipment for a long time will make people very tired. Therefore, when choosing a tactical bag, be sure to choose a bag that is light in material and durable enough to allow you to bear the weight of the backpack and equipment at the same time.
In addition, the design of the bag also needs attention. First of all, the frame design of the bag, the tactical bag has two types of external and internal frames, the frame design is different, and the weight of the bag is also different.


Secondly, the shoulder strap design of the bag also needs attention. If the shoulder straps are not designed properly, your shoulders will be pinched when you are backpacking, and you will feel uncomfortable, ruining your outdoor experience.


4. Special features

Tactical backpacks preferably have extra features. Some tactical bags only have basic functions, but some bags have special features, such as modular design, compartments and mesh pocket design.


Some tactical bags even have a large number of external and internal portable designs. These factors can be used to distinguish between good and bad backpacks


Some tactical bags come standard with extra shoulder straps that you can use to strap things like bedding or sleeping bags. Among them, water resistance is also an essential function of the tactical bag, so that it is suitable for all environments.


5. Compare Tactical Backpacks

Comparing the functions and prices of tactical bags, you can make a positioning for tactical backpacks. The first thing is to determine the budget, once the budget is determined, you can narrow down the scope of the tactical backpack. Make a list of eligible backpacks and figure out the functions of these tactical backpacks


Then determine which functions you must need and which functions are not necessary but can be had. Next, remove the backpacks that do not meet the conditions.


Then compare the functions of the remaining tactical backpacks one by one, and then determine which one meets your conditions. Combining features and price, you can quickly choose the tactical package that meets your requirements.