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What You Need Most for Outdoor Activities?

DATE: Feb 15th, 2023

Some people say that equipment is not a panacea, but for backpackers, some equipment will play a key role in your critical moments. There are a lot of discussions about equipment on the Internet, but too many are dazzling. I have collected some and provided a simple complete set of equipment based on my own experience. But they are all basic equipment for the fresh travelling friend.( excluding the information for the professional mountaineering, rock climbing )

Backpack: The backpacker's first equipment, that's where the backpacker (hiker) come from. The size of the backpack depends on your destination, generally around 25 liters if hanging around in your city. For long-distance travel, girls needs 45-55 liters, boys needs 55 liters or more, and strong load-bearing capacity is the most essential point ; when you buy a backpack, you must try it and know more about the correct usage of the backpack to help you reducing the load and even the burden on the road.

Shoes: Shoes are actually more important than backpacks, because they are most directly related to your personal safety. It must be non-slip shoes or hiking shoes, ordinary sports shoes are not considered. Hiking shoes are best to have a high waist, which can protect the ankle bone, which is easy to be injured when people walk for a long time. A good pair of boots will provide years of reliable and comfortable service for your feet in the wild. If you often go to the wild, the time, energy and expense spent on choosing your best boots is a very worthwhile investment.

Outerwear and trousers: Be sure to wear long trousers, regardless of the season. It will protect the body very well when walking in the chaotic grass outdoors, and it is best to be waterproof. It is recommended to wear jackets and pants or quick-drying pants if possible. Don’t wear jeans on long-distance hikes, which will seriously affect the activities of your legs, and once you get wet, it will become a big burden.

Underwear: underwear is recommended not to wear cotton underwear. In the mountaineering circles, cotton underwear is called "Clothes for the dead", the reason is that the sweat absorption of cotton underwear will freeze you after exercising in the high-cold zone. Of course, if we don't go to the high-cold zone, it is not so scary; knee pads and ankle pads: for any long distance You should wear a pair of knee pads and ankle pads on your hikes. Knee injuries are difficult to recover, and the damage may be lifelong;

Hats: wide-brimmed hats are better, not only for shading, but sometimes when walking in the mountains, but also to keep away the crowded grass, when it rains It is also very useful; in the alpine region, the hat can also reduce the heat dissipation; a considerable proportion of heat is radiated from the head, especially when in the low temperature.

Gloves: It has a great protective effect when walking in the chaotic grass and mountains, but it should be noted that one of the dangers brought by the gloves is that it will reduce the sensitivity of your hand;
Sunglasses: the need for sun protection. But it will definitely bring visual errors, so use it with caution when on dangerous roads;


Personal moisture-proof bag: This seems to have not been mentioned in any guide, but I personally think it is a necessity. You can choose to pack important items such as wallets, certificates, and mobile phones into it. In this way, you don’t have to worry about any loss even if you fall into the water while going upstream.

Towel: Used for wiping sweat. It can be wetted and covered in the mouth and nose in dusty places to resist dust.

Toiletries: You can bring your toiletries during long-term trips.

Slippers or sandals: If you don’t have a lot of equipment,you can bring them on. They can be used during rest. When a day’s schedule is over, it’s a FANCY thing to change into slippers;

Sunscreen, lipstick: outdoor sunlight is strong and windy, bring the tiny bottle can prevent you from the hot sun and dry lips;