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How Many Accessories Can Be Mounted On A Standard FAST Helmet?

DATE: Feb 10th, 2023

On the battlefield, it is particularly important to strengthen the protection of soldiers' heads, and helmets have become indispensable individual equipment in battle. However, protective helmets have formed many types since they were produced and developed to today. At present, according to the needs of different battles, the functions of helmets are also different. There are purely protective functions and helmets that serve as tactical auxiliary functions.

       This kind of lightweight tactical helmet gives up part of the protective performance in exchange for lighter weight and more tactical functional accessory areas. According to the different helmet accessories carried, it can make the combat more accurate, strike more in place, and ensure the survival rate of soldiers on operational missions.
Let's take a look at a standard FAST helmet, the full name ( Future Assault Shell Technology literal translation: Future Assault Shell Technology) How many accessories can be installed in theory.


①Optical instrument

It generally refers to the night vision device mounted on the cuttlefish pole, which is currently the standard equipment for the US special forces to perform missions at night.


②Helmet camouflage cloth/net

The surface of the helmet body can be used with camouflage cloth or camouflage net. The helmet cover is a sharp weapon to enhance camouflage, and can also limit the protection ability of the tactical helmet surface.


③Rescue lights, signal strobe lights

Rescue lights and signal strobe lights are mainly designed to match with today's mainstream tactical helmets. The back of the lamp comes with Velcro, which can be fixed on the Velcro surface of the helmet for use.


④Noise reduction pickup communication headset

Integrates headset with tactical helmet. This bracket is fixed on the tactical guide rails on both sides of the helmet, and the position and angle of the headset can be adjusted at will.


⑤Battery/accessory bag

The night vision battery or accessory bag mounted on the back of the helmet is generally used to store small and light equipment, which increases the carrying capacity of the helmet to a certain extent. There is also to balance the weight of the helmet to make the helmet more comfortable to wear.


⑥Helmet headlamp

Helmet headlights are essential lighting tools. In this regard, there are options that are directly installed on the guide rail as a headlight, and there is also a method of installing a flashlight bracket on the guide rail to use a hand-held flashlight for lighting.

⑦Tactical goggles

In an environment with a lot of sand and dust, a suitable pair of goggles is essential.The above are only the accessories for basic purposes, and there are some very special accessories that are not listed. The helmet needs to be equipped with so many accessories, and the pressure on the body can be imagined. Lightweight helmets are very important. As the saying goes, there is no best equipment, only the most suitable equipment. Therefore, as a user, only by carrying different equipment according to different purposes can the combat effectiveness be brought to the highest level.