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The Ministry of foreign affairs responded to the White House statement: changing the face is a loss to the credibility of the country

DATE: Jun 12th, 2018
It is reported that the US White House issued a statement on 29 days that the US side will publish a list of China’s major industrial and technical products of US $50 billion by June 15th and will impose a 25% tariff on it. At the regular press conference of the Ministry of foreign affairs in May 30th, a reporter asked China for further comment on the matter.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said that the spokesman of China’s Ministry of Commerce had responded to this question last night. I think everyone’s feeling is the same. In international relations, every change of face and rejection is another loss and waste to the credibility of our country. The US side’s statement is obviously contrary to the consensus reached recently between China and the United States in Washington. We urge the US dialect and trust to follow the Chinese side according to the spirit of the joint declaration.

Hua Chunying said that China has always advocated that the economic and trade differences should be handled and solved in a constructive manner through an equal dialogue and consultations and in a constructive way. This is in line with the fundamental interests of the two countries and the people of the two countries, as well as the common expectation of the international community. “In other words, China does not want to fight, but it is not afraid of a trade war. The soldiers will come to block the water. If the United States persists in its willfulness and rash conduct, China will take resolute and effective measures to safeguard its legitimate interests.