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South Korea’s minimum wage and shorter working hours policy still lacks supporting programmes

DATE: Apr 28th, 2018
According to the South Korean media, the Korean congressional environmental labour Commission held a public hearing in April 11th (2018) and listened to the comments of the minimum salary Committee for the revision of the minimum salary range. At present, there are still differences in bonuses, welfare fees and accommodation costs.

It is pointed out that the “bonus” is still the most controversial point. If only the “monthly bonus” is calculated, differential treatment will be generated according to the “monthly” and “monthly” payment methods. The South Korean Minimum Wage Commission launched a consultation on labor and capital in March to discuss whether the “regular bonus” was included in the minimum salary calculation. Because of the failure of the consultations, the issue was submitted to the Congress for consideration. It was not expected that the Congress was in the state of opposition to the country because of the “broadcasting law” and so on. South Korea’s small and medium-sized business owners have criticized that Congress should pass the resolution as soon as possible, so that enterprises can find solutions accordingly.

There has been no progress in improving the “shortened man hour” policy. The “flexible working hours system” of the relevant supporting measures will be carried out from the second half of the year, according to the 10 basic month of the South Korean Ministry of employment. The Korean industry has criticized that since July this year, more than 300 large companies should be formally introduced to shorten the time of labor policy, and the government has acted slowly and has not taken care of the adaptation time of the private industry.