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Why did soldiers wear mask?

DATE: May 4th, 2023
Many people will find a problem, that is, these special forces are fully armed when fighting, and they don't even show their faces. In addition to the army, some special forces will also paint their faces with various camouflage patterns during combat, or directly wear headgear, so that others cannot recognize themselves. On the contrary, soldiers don't cover themselves tightly when fighting, so why do special forces have to hide themselves completely in combat? Is there any reason for this? I believe many people don't know it, so let me tell you why the special forces hide themselves.
First of all, the tasks performed by special forces are very dangerous.

For example, the US Navy SEALs have carried out many assassination missions. In order to protect their families, these special forces must hide their faces. After all, today is the Internet technology society, if the appearance of a special soldier is exposed. In order to retaliate, the other party will find the family of this special soldier and kill the family of the other party. Therefore, in order to protect their families, special forces cannot easily show up to perform tasks. In addition to protecting your family, you also need to protect yourself. After all, you also need to live an ordinary life after retiring. If someone wants to take revenge on the other party, they may be murdered after the other party retires.

In addition to protecting themselves and their families, special forces masks have other benefits. For example, to prevent mosquito bites, special forces will go to various complex terrains during combat. Some terrains often have flying insects and the like. Arming the whole body can also prevent mosquitoes. Another point is that after wearing a mask, the special forces will not have any taboos in their hearts when they choose to kill the opponent, and they will hesitate when they shoot. Protects the soldier's face. In tactical activities, it is often necessary to capture gangsters and enemies alive as the first mission goal, which determines that SWAT soldiers need to fight gangsters with sharp weapons with bare hands. The hood can protect opponents or their own blood from flowing out of their mouths and noses during the fight; The confrontation and changes in the surrounding environment (overheating or over-cold) SWAT fighters can wear a hood to absorb sweat and keep out the cold, without being distracted and wiping sweat to affect tactical actions and give opponents an opportunity; finally, wearing a hood can prevent fire to a certain extent , acid, glass fragments, explosion blasts, etc., cause the special police fighters to deform their movements due to the above conditions, which affects the results of the battle.

Solve psychological problems. This should be discussed separately from both sides: For SWAT fighters, wearing a hood can cover up facial expressions, avoid emotional leakage and make the opponent see through tactical intentions; at the same time, it can reduce their own psychological pressure. After all, most people will have obstacles in their minds when using violence. If you cover your face, your heart will bear more. For gangsters, seeing masked men in all black and full suits (some places have patterns painted on the hoods of SWAT fighters) will create huge psychological pressure and go to two extremes; either go crazy or get scared. This will lead to a bias in judgment, making it easier to catch.

It plays a fixed role for the headset microphone worn on the head. Don't underestimate this feature! This is a very important thing in urban warfare. Special police fighters need efficient team actions to complete tasks such as quickly rescuing hostages, raids, and anti-terrorism. Communication, command coordination, and simultaneous operations among members are particularly important. Therefore, it is so simple to fix small head parts such as earphones and microphones through a hood.

So in actual tactical activities, a high-quality headgear will play a big role.