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The Origin of The First Quick-Release Vest In The World-PBSE

DATE: Feb 17th, 2023
The cause of the quick release vest: On December 9, 1999, a CH-46E helicopter of the US Marine Corps carrying the 1st Amphibious Reconnaissance Company ((U.S.MARINE FORCERECONNAISSANCE), the 5th row of soldiers, ended a mission off the coast of San Diego. On the way back from the VBSS boarding and search exercise, a plane crash accident occurred. The accident caused 7 deaths (2 crew members, 5 soldiers). Later accident investigation reports pointed out that 2 crew members lost their lives due to impact during the fall Unable to escape from the cabin, the other five soldiers drowned in the water as the body sank in the vortex because they could not get rid of their equipment in time. Only one of the other survivors was able to get rid of their equipment, and the rest were waiting for rescue in the water with their equipment on their backs Therefore, the body armor for water missions should be put on and taken off quickly, and it cannot be cumbersome and time-consuming to wear like OTV and MTV. Quick release is a life-saving design. It is convenient, and can be easily and quickly removed after burning.