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Do you know the 8 pieces of equipment essential for combat?

DATE: Dec 30th, 2023

As we all know, well-equipped weapons and equipment are very important for actual combat. Let us briefly introduce to you the eight main pieces of equipment that are generally carried during combat.


1. Body armor

During combat, soldiers are usually equipped with military-grade body armor, but in order to facilitate movement, they generally choose a lightweight version. This body armor is composed of PE or aramid materials, and bulletproof plates can be inserted inside, which can greatly reduce the 7.62 mm damage of intermediate power ammo. Body armor is also modular. Magazine pockets can be added to the front, and small tactical pockets or grenade pockets can be added to the back and sides. On the basis of the original lightweight body armor, heavy protection modules can be further added. Since most of the people faced in combat are "militants" from all walks of life holding AK rifles, this kind of body armor can effectively deal with the attack of AK's 7.62 mm ammunition, so it is just suitable for combat use.






2. Tactical watches

Basically, every mercenary will be equipped with a multi-functional electronic tactical watch, which will also integrate compass, timer and other functions. During combat missions, he can know the direction and specific time at the first time, and it is also convenient for correcting the time and synchronizing the mission, but tactical watches are personal items, so they are purchased by themselves. The models and brands are not uniform. They are generally military grade and of the best quality.





3. Tactical scarf

If the combat area is the Middle East, where most of it is a desert area and the environment is relatively hot, everyone will tie a tactical scarf around their neck with small holes on it, which can breathe and absorb sweat. When encountering a sandstorm, and can also protect the user's mouth and nose. Moreover, the biggest use of the tactical scarf is that it can be used for camouflage. It can cover the face during combat and save the need to apply oil paint on the face. In order to better integrate into the desert environment, the soldiers chose desert colors. Or a tactical scarf with desert camouflage. As for the brands of tactical scarves, they are not uniform, but most of them use styles similar to those of the US military special forces.

4. Arabian scarf hat

Soldiers fighting in the Middle East, in order to facilitate communication and penetration with local people, and to avoid being noticed by local armed personnel, usually wear big beards and Arab scarf hats to perfectly integrate into the local area. In the environment, this kind of scarf hat is called "Kufiya" in Arabic, which also represents the ancient cultural symbol of the Arab nation. The scarf hat itself also has multiple functions, and can be used as a mask, neck scarf, neck strap, etc., and can also play a role It is used to absorb sweat and resist wind and sand.


5. Tactical protective goggles

Tactical protective goggles are a must-have item for Western combatants, especially American mercenaries, who wear tactical protective goggles whether in combat or on standby. The frame of tactical protective goggles is made of aluminum structure. The lenses are divided into three types: black, transparent or green. Black lenses are the most common among mercenaries. In the desert environment, tactical protective goggles can block strong light and windy sand, and therefore become an indispensable piece of personal equipment for American mercenaries or special forces.




6. Tactical water bag

It is inevitable to be thirsty in the hot desert. Individuals and groups will carry a large amount of drinking water. Generally, individuals will not choose a water bottle, but will choose to carry a tactical water bag, which can be placed on the back at any time and connected to a straw. It is easy to drink quickly and the target material is not easily exposed. Because the water bag has a larger capacity than the water bottle, it can hold 2 to 3 liters of water, and it takes up less space when placed on the back. The inside of the water bag is also made of special materials, which can maintain the water temperature inside for a certain period of time. When an explosion occurs, a water bag can also have a certain chance of reducing the damage from impact or fragments, so a water bag is also one of the personal equipment.








7. Military wireless walkie-talkies

Individual mercenaries and groups will also carry military-grade wireless walkie-talkies, placing the host on the waist and the intercom system on the chest to facilitate communication with the commander or the group.




8. Magazine hanging bag

Mercenaries who use AK rifles will add magazine hanging bags to their body armor, but the magazine hanging bags used are not uniform. They are all personal items. Some are purchased from civilian military stores, and some are customized by themselves. or modified, it can carry 3 to 4 30-round AK magazines at a time.