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What do you need when go hiking?

DATE: May 16th, 2023
Outdoor hiking requires the preparation of some necessary equipment to ensure their own safety and successful completion of the hiking task. Here are some common outdoor hiking equipment.

Hiking shoes: choose a pair of comfortable hiking shoes with non-slip function.

Clothing: Choose the right clothes according to the weather conditions. Pay attention to waterproof, windproof, warm and other functions.

Gloves: Choose a pair of windproof and warm gloves.

Hat: choose a hat that can shade the sun and keep warm.

Backpack: Choose a backpack with the right capacity and fill it with enough water and food.

Folding poles: Choose one or two folding poles to increase walking stability.

Headlamp: Choose a high-brightness, long-lasting headlamp for traveling in the dark.

Rain gear: If rain is expected, be prepared with a rain jacket and rain cover to ensure your body does not get wet.

Sleeping bag and tent: If you will be spending the night in the mountains, have a sleeping bag and tent to keep warm and dry.

Navigation tools: You should carry maps, compass, GPS and other navigation tools to find the right route in the mountains.

These are some common outdoor hiking equipment. When preparing for hiking actions, you need to carefully consider what equipment you need to prepare for different situations and make sure all the equipment is in good condition.