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How To Be Invisible In The Wild?

DATE: Jul 28th, 2023
To become an excellent tactical and outdoor sports enthusiast, there are two conditions. The first is to have a very high shooting ability; the second is to be good at lurking and camouflage.

Before my country fully banned guns, hunters generally used two methods to go hunting in the mountains, hiding and squatting. To lay a trap is to set all kinds of traps: casting nets, digging holes, making traps, etc.; while squatting means lurking in the mountains and hunting animals with guns. When lurking, they must endure the heat and mosquito bites, remain motionless, and pay attention to various camouflage skills.

It can be said that the hunters at that time were also masters of camouflage and lurking. The skills they acquired through experience were both fancy and practical. The most popular method at that time was to cover the whole body with a kind of straw clothes woven with grass, with a grass ring around the head, so that the whole body would be integrated with nature, and then lie on the ground motionless, waiting for the opportunity like a tree waiting for a rabbit. advent.

Nowadays, domestic compound bows have basically replaced firearms, and the camouflage equipment has also been upgraded to modernization. It is no longer necessary to wear primitive grass clothes like the hunters in the past. There are various camouflage equipment available on the market.

1. Gillette suit

One of the most effective camouflage clothing is a kind of clothing called "Gillette suit". Snipers covered in sackcloth can be seen in many war movies. This kind of sackcloth is integrated with nature and is difficult to find. It is said that the Gillette suit was invented by the Socrates, and "Gillette" means pretending to be a person.
It is not difficult to make Gillette camouflage clothing. Cut a large number of cloth strips that are in the color of the woods or desert environment, and then glue these cloth strips together to weave them into a human-shaped clothing.

The Gillette suit also has shortcomings. Although the camouflage effect is good, it looks like a scarecrow because of the slow movement due to the cloth strips all over the body. When it is hot in summer, wearing these clothes will be stuffy, and when it rains, the body will be covered with rainwater, which is very uncomfortable; when passing through the woods, it is easy to get caught in places with luxuriant branches... so many outdoor hobbies Those who choose will often choose a more convenient camouflage clothing - bionic camouflage clothing.

2. Bionic camouflage uniform

Bionic camouflage uniforms are varied, and you can choose a variety of colors according to different environments, such as forests, meadows, and deserts. There are various bionic camouflage uniforms corresponding to the camouflage colors of the environment on the market, which are very handsome and cool.

3. Boonie hat

The sniper's boonie hat is also a good thing. When hunting in the wild, choose a jungle soft hat with the same color as the camouflage suit on your body. Make the hat weak and wrinkled, and wear it on the head to form an irregular shape, which can blur the shape of the head, Under the sun, the brim of the hat can also cover the face, form a shadow, and enhance the concealment effect.
There are also many belt loops on this hat to bind concealment, and leaves and weeds can be inserted directly into the hat.

Of course, in order to hide perfectly, camouflage clothing alone is not enough, and specific camouflage skills are also required. Here's how to turn yourself into an "invisible person":

1. Environmental camouflage

An experienced hunter should be good at using vegetation and natural colors for camouflage. Where the terrain is hilly and mountainous, the main plants are evergreen trees and shrubs, and the common stripe color is yellow-green-black. It is necessary to be good at using the shadow and depth of field between plants. Generally, light-colored objects are more sensitive than dark-colored objects. The point, that is, it is easier to be found, and it is necessary to make good use of the law of light and dark to blend into the venue.

In addition, the transfer process should also pay attention to concealment. When moving places, pay attention to the changes in the surrounding vegetation environment. For example, in the forest environment, more branches and leaves should be used, and weeds should be moved evenly in the grass to avoid prey detection.

In addition to covering the body with weeds and leaves, the surrounding environment background should also be arranged, so that the body and the background can be integrated as much as possible. Visual camouflage is also a kind of optical camouflage. It uses the method of deceiving the human eye to make the prey distinguish There is no difference between you and the surrounding scenery, and then you can launch a surprise attack. For example, in the mud, they smear their bodies with mud.

In camouflage in nature, white or black objects are the two most common colors, because these two colors will form coordination with the surrounding colorful background, and they will look blurry in the distance, so make good use of black and white and shadows, this is similar to the principle of photography, to adjust the balance of black and white.

2. Facial camouflage

People's faces generally have luminous color, which is what we often say "glossy face", which has a certain impact on camouflage and lurking, so ordinary hunters or snipers will smear camouflage oil on their faces. Ordinary camouflage oil looks like lipstick, and it will have a good matting effect when applied to the face.

Lurking in the wild, the biggest enemy is not large carnivorous animals, but small animals such as snakes, insects, rats and ants that make people crazy. It is necessary to cover the whole body with clothes, put on high-top boots, and tie up the trousers to prevent bugs from entering. You can spray anti-mosquito lotions on your body, or you can point mug wort leaves, artemisia annua, cypress leaves, wild chrysanthemums, etc. to drive away mosquitoes.

It is also important to choose a place to hide. After all, it is a long time to hide. Do not expose to the sun, it is easy to get hot and heatstroke, and do not stay in a humid place, where there are a lot of mosquitoes. Generally, look for a cool and dry place with leaves. You can sit comfortably and experience the fun of hunting.