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What do you think is the coolest piece of military equipment or individual equipment?

DATE: Mar 22nd, 2024
The majority of military equipment enthusiasts must know a lot of high-tech individual weapons and equipment, right?

Although in modern warfare, people are still the key to determining victory or defeat on the battlefield. However, the quality of weapons and equipment also affects the outcome of the war. Today I will introduce to you some individual soldier equipment, which is high-tech installed on the soldiersheads and is very brain-burning.

The first one: IHPS helmet

On a battlefield filled with artillery fire and smoke, soldiers must protect themselves when charging into battle to better defeat the enemy.

To protect yourself, the first key is your head. Of course, the heart is also important. As long as these places are protected, the probability of survival on the battlefield will be high.

The U.S. military has upgraded the head protection of its officers and soldiers on the battlefield, and has produced and installed integrated head protection systems, or IHPS helmets for short.
Don't underestimate this piece of equipment, its functions are far beyond those of ordinary helmets.

First, its protective surface is larger. Ordinary helmets can only protect the head, but this helmet can also protect the face.

Secondly, the shape of the helmet is also very stylish, similar to the style of a racing driver's helmet, and it does not affect the line of sight at all while moving forward.

Third, they are made of special materials and are very lightweight, only half the weight of ordinary helmets. Fourth, it is very hard. Ordinary bullets cannot explode at all when shot at close range.

The second type: EMVG helmet-mounted night vision goggles

With the development of military technology, night vision goggles have been widely equipped in the armies of various countries.

However, the US military's EMVG helmet-mounted night vision goggles are a very outstanding one.

The biggest feature of this night vision goggle is that it is mounted on a helmet, weighing less than one kilogram, and does not feel heavy when worn on the head. In addition, its battery can last for nearly 8 hours, just like a computer, it can continue to process images quickly to analyze the battlefield environment.

Of course, for night vision equipment, the focus is to examine their nighttime observation capabilities. Let me tell you, this night vision goggle can see almost everything within a thousand meters range. This super effect comes from their thermal sensing capabilities that are suitable for a variety of environments.

The third model: MS2000 survival strobe light

On the battlefield, a soldier is suddenly injured, but there are no companions around to rescue him. What should he do?If no one finds them in time, they may die from serious injuries or excessive blood loss.

The MS2000 survival strobe light is here to solve this problem. They are also mounted on soldiers' helmets and have a battery life of more than 8 hours. When a soldier is seriously injured and no one notices it, the wounded person turns on the strobe light, which instantly emits a strong light that is 200 times more intense than an ordinary flashlight. Moreover, after they light up, they keep flashing and are easily discovered by rescue forces.

Someone has also tested that even if this kind of light shines directly upward in the deep sea, its light can still be seen on the surface of the sea. It is very powerful.