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Ballistic Helmet Suspension Review

DATE: Feb 20th, 2024
At present, the general protection helmet suspension parts are used in six-point hanger suspension and three-point wearing system structure, which is characterized by when the helmet is subjected to accidental impact, can be very good uniform transmission and dispersion of energy, the shortcomings of its suspension parts and helmet assembly, distributed in the helmet surface a total of eight mounting holes connected to the suspension parts, and dispersed in the helmet protective surface of the eight mounting holes is to influence the impact of product bulletproof The eight holes scattered on the protective surface of the helmet are potential factors affecting the product's bulletproof performance, i.e., forming a potential safety hazard.

The purpose of the utility model suspension system is to overcome the above defects and provide a higher safety performance of the suspension parts of the ballistic helmet without changing the characteristics of the suspension parts, reducing the assembly holes, eliminating the potential pitfalls of the bulletproof performance of the suspension parts.

1, a kind of suspension member inside the bulletproof helmet, consists of top liner assembly (5), hat band assembly (4) and under chin strap assembly (6), the three assemblies can be conveniently disassembled and replaced, characterized in that the top liner assembly (5) consists of a hat ring, buffer bands, top cushion and amplitude adjusting rope, and is provided with a total of six buffer bands, which are all uniformly distributed on a hat ring, of which three are connected to the helmet body with three assembly holes through the nut and screw, the other three buffer bands are stitched on the hat ring in between with the former three buffer bands, padding, hat band wrapping and buckles, of which the hat band is connected to three assembling holes on the helmet body by means of the nut and screws. The other three buffer bands and the first three buffer bands are sewn in between on the hat band; hat band assembly (4) consists of a hat band, cushion, hat band wrapping and buckle, which is equipped with six lower locking buckles (3), through the buckle can adjust the size of the hat circumference, which has six pieces of buffer pads between it and the hat band (2), six upper locking buckles (1) through the buffer pads of the center of the holes with the hat band six lower locking buckle buckle; the lower chinstrap assembly ( 6) is composed of left and right pull straps, left and right rear support straps and a chin rest.

2, the suspension member within the bulletproof helmet according to claim 1, characterized in that said suspension member top cushion, hat band and chin rest are wrapped with sweat-absorbent and breathable sheepskin, and the chin strap is made of cotton webbing.

The advantages of this utility model suspension are:

1, in the process of use, the wearer can according to their own head type, through the amplitude adjustment band to adjust the inner top of the helmet and the top lining of the lowest point of the distance, that is, the space spacing, so that the wearer in the body of the helmet does not block the line of sight under the circumstances of the protection of the head of the area to reach the maximum;
2, adjusting the size of the cap circumference by means of the brocade wire buckle straps at both ends of the cap band, so that the cap circumference is very obediently hooped on the head circumference.
3, through the chin strap assembly in the three-way strap length adjustment, so that it and the chin rest, top lining to form a stable system.
4、Suspension and helmet body connection is fixed by three pairs of screws and nuts, so that it is easy to disassemble and replace the parts, and the connection points are more evenly distributed.
5、Suspension parts of the top pad, hat band and chin rest are wrapped with sweat-absorbent and breathable sheepskin, chin strap using cotton webbing, so the helmet overall wear comfortable, stable, sweat-absorbent and breathable, the use of materials on the human body without natural harm.