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DATE: Sep 4th, 2018
97% of Africa’s 33 least developed countries enjoy zero tariffs on Chinese products.

On the 28th Aguust, the China Office held a briefing on the economic and trade work of the Beijing summit of China Africa Cooperation Forum. At the meeting, Vice Minister of Commerce Qian Keming said that among the 33 least developed countries in Africa, 97% of their exports to China enjoy zero tariff. China will continue to open its markets to Africa, including hosting China’s International Import Exposition, which provides free booths for many of the least developed countries in Africa.

A reporter asked that in recent years, ChinaAfrican trade has maintained a relatively rapid growth, but the imbalance of trade is still relatively prominent. What measures will China take to expand African-China Trade and improve trade imbalance?

Generally speaking, trade between China and Africa is balanced. In the past 18 years from 2000 to 2017, China has a surplus in 8 years and a deficit in 10 years. Of course, different countries are not the same. Some African countries export more to China than we export to it. It is a surplus, and some are in deficit. Therefore, the overall situation is more balanced and healthy. Of course, there are differences between countries.

Qian Keming said that China has also taken many measures to expand its imports from Africa. For example, China has 33 least developed countries among the countries that have established diplomatic relations with Africa. 97% of its products exported to China enjoy zero tariff. In addition, China has organized a number of trade promotion delegations to Africa for procurement, held several special promotional meetings and comprehensive exhibitions to help African countries export their products to China, including Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. In addition, China has also strengthened its cooperation with African Customs to help African countries improve their customs clearance efficiency and promote their exports.

Data show that China’s imports from Africa in 2017 were about $75.3 billion, up 33% year-on-year, higher than the 17% increase in foreign trade imports. Among them, the import of fruit, seafood, coffee, cotton increased faster, such as fruit growth of nearly 80%, coffee growth of about 40%.

Qian Keming disclosed that China will continue to open its markets to Africa, including hosting China International Import Exposition. China has provided free booths to many of the least developed countries in Africa. The first China

International Import Exposition has aroused great international repercussions. It can be said that one ticket is hard to get. One booth is very precious and there are many. All countries do their work and try to win more booths, but China keeps these booths and provides them to the least developed countries in Africa free of charge, exhibiting their products and letting their products come into China. In addition, China has helped African countries to accelerate industrialization, encourage Chinese enterprises to invest in Africa and increase their export capacity. Personnel training is also conducted, including customs officers and trade promotion personnel. To help African countries improve customs infrastructure and enhance export capacity.